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Do you need oxygen in The Silver State? 1st Class Medical finances, rents, and sells home and portable oxygen concentrators to residents and visitors in Nevada. Give us a call at 1-800-520-5726 to fulfill all of your oxygen needs. We carry every FAA approved portable oxygen machine from the Oxlife Independence to the LifeChoice Activox. You may want to bring an extra battery or two with you for this trip! From the Hoover Dam to the Mob Museum, Nevada is sure to have something for everyone to enjoy. Obviously the major destination in Nevada is Las Vegas. With the activities ranging from golf and plays to gambling and site seeing you will have a blast in Las Vegas. Lake Tahoe is always an option for your next vacation. Located on the western boarder of Nevada, you can relax on the water and enjoy your surroundings. Regain your freedom back with a portable oxygen concentrator and experience Nevada the way it was meant to be experienced! If you need a concentrator by specific date, be sure to give us at least a week notice to ensure your package arrives on time, 1-800-520-5726!
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